Solity's Smart Gate Lock with Dual Unlocking Technology


This selection of Solity’s smart gate lock is equipped with a leading-edge technology that allow homeowners to get access to their home conveniently and swiftly.

It exposes a sleek and eccentric design complemented with unique technology from Solity.


Note: Please note that if the product price doesn't correspond to your installation address, you will be required to pay the price difference.

Introducing the Solity GD-60BK Smart Gate Lock

Discover the functionality of our smart gate lock with dual unlocking technology by watching this video. Get to know more about the 0.9 seconds fingerprint recognition, dual unlocking mode, synchronized unlock, and more.

5 Way Authentication Method & Emergency Access

GD-60BK is equipped with 5 different ways to grant access - Passcode, RFID Card, Fingerprint, Mechanical Key, and Smart Solitary App. It also comes with Bluetooth and an optional Wi-Fi dongle, as well as a Key for manual or emergency access when the battery is empty.


Dual Unlocking Technology

The advanced technology of GD-60BK is equipped with a dual unlocking mode that syncs and unlocks your digital door lock automatically. It works seamlessly with GP-6000BKF, GSP-2000BK, and GM6000BKF. Now you don't have to key in the passcode or match the fingerprint twice for both locks.


Sleek & Slim Design

GD-60BK is designed with a slim build at 4cm which allows it to easily fit any narrow gaps between the door and the gate. Furthermore, the GD-60BK has a slimmer and flatter build while the traditional door locks have a long key holder popping out of the lock. The long latch from traditional locks has also been replaced with magnetic recognition in our Solity gate locks.


Engineered with Solity's Patented Push-pull Specialised Mortise

Unlike traditional door lock that uses the magnetic sensing, the GM-6000BKF is powered by Solity's dedicated digital sensing mortise (G-MECHA) known also as Solity's specialised mortise. The mechanism is exclusively developed by Solity and is applied to all Solity's push-pull smart lock models.


Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings

Homeowners can opt to grant access to their gate locks via voice control or remotely with mobile phones. Simply activate the function in the Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmarThings application and you're all set. On a different note, homeowners may also take advantage of our in-house application - Smart Solity Home Service app.


Additional Features

Fake Passcode

Allow you to key fake numbers without worrying about exposing your actual passcode.

Intrusion and Breakage Alarm

Detects and generates alarm sound upon forcible breakage and abnormal intrusion.

Anti-thief Function

When the password and card key are entered incorrectly for 5 times in a row, an alarm sound and all operations will cease externally for 1 minute.

Dual Unlocking

Sync it with our Solity push-pull locks or mortise lock to enable the syncronized unlock for an added convenience.

Electric Shock Neutralisation

A high voltage prevention circuit is included to help neutralize any possibility of an electric leak to the smart lock.

High Temperature Detection

In case of emergency, it is able to detect and alert homeowners on high temperatures and fire alarm activation in the building.

Volume Setting

Set the volume to your preferred level or opt for the 'Silent Function' to mute the sound of the door lock.

Water Resistant

Accidentally spilled drinks on the smart lock? Fret not, the GM-6000BKF has equipped with a water-resistant capability.

Battery Replacement Notification

Forget replacing and getting locked out is no longer an option, this function will alert you when the battery needs a change.