Solity's Fingerprint & RFID Card Recognition Push-pull


This premium selection of Solidity’s smart lock is a smart innovative door lock among the Push-pull door locks in the market.

It exposes a timeless and superior design complemented with state-of-the-art technology and functionality.


Note: Please note that if the product price doesn't correspond to your installation address, you will be required to pay the price difference.

Introducing the Solity GSP-2000BK Push-pull Lock

Discover the functionality of our fingerprint & RFID card recognition push-pull smart lock by watching this video. Get to know more about the 0.9 seconds fingerprint recognition, syncronized unlock and more.

5 Way Authentication Method & Emergency Access

GSP-2000BK is equipped with 5 different ways to grant access - Passcode, RFID Card, Fingerprint, Mechanical Key, and Smart Solity App. It also comes with a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth function, as well as a Key for manual or emergency access when the battery is empty.


Innovative Door Opening Method - General Door Lock vs. Solity Push-pull Door Lock

Unlike conventional door lock, Solity's push-pull method is designed with everyone's safety in mind so that the door can be opened conveniently even when your hands are full, or in any case of emergency, you can access your doors hastily.


Syncronized Unlock with Solity GD-60BK & GA-65BK

The GSP-2000BK syncs seamlessly with our Solity Grill-lock (GD-60BK) & Wooden door lock (GA-65BK) allowing it to deliver a syncronised unlock without having to key in the passcode or match the fingerprint twice.


Additional Features

Fake Passcode

Allow you to key fake numbers without worrying about exposing your actual passcode.

Intrusion and Breakage Alarm

Detects and generates alarm sound upon forcible breakage and abnormal intrusion.

Anti-thief Function

When the password and card key are entered incorrectly 5 times in a row, an alarm sound, and all operations will cease externally for 1 minute.

Internal Double Lock Function

Once activated, all external functions will be locked even when the passcode is correctly entered externally.

Push Bar Lock Function

An option between Force Lock & Force Unlock is included to prevent the kids from pushing the push bar out of the room.

Human Body Detection

When approaching close to the door, the infrared detection sensor will activate the keypad without you physically doing it.

Syncronized Unlock

Connect to Solity's gate lock GD-60BK or wooden door lock GA-65BK to enable the synchronization to unlock between both locks.

Volume Setting

Set the volume to your preferred level or opt for the 'Silent Function' to mute the sound of the door lock.

Water Resistant

Accidentally spilled drinks on the smart lock? Fret not, the GSP-2000BK is equipped with a water-resistant capability.